New PC Needed

Hello, I need Laptop for schooling, I am a senior in HS and will be doing homeschooling, then off maybe for some college. I have built desktops before and usually fix any computer related issues in the family as everyone knows me as the ''guy who built his computer'' lol. But for some reason I'd rather get someone else's opinion and suggestions on the future laptop as Im more of a desktop person anyways. Dont need it to be touchscreen, Would perfer the laptop to have a decent SSD and to be Windows 7 (but I can deal with W8 if required). I already have a gaming desktop so don't worry about the gaming hardware, this is strictly for school work and internet surfing. Budget is 300-650$. Price to performance is the #1 priority on this laptop. Thanks!

BAM! $199 and you wont be tempted with playing games at school! lol

But honestly I would just use Neweggs laptop fining tool. You just set the price range and start weeding out things you do and don't want.

Here is one i found