New PC? (Maybe?)

Hi there!


The current computer I own right now I have  had for about 2 years. Before that it was a dear family friends computer who passed away (rest his soul). This pc is around the middle mark for quality with a quad-core processor and about 3 GB's of RAM. For about the last 2 months I have been dealing with videos not loading, completely lagging me out if I am playing a multiplayer based game, and in general just refusing to do most things such as loading a web page or even starting up windows (I have windows vista by the way).

Now don't get me wrong, I am a tech oriented person but dealing with this thing has been a nightmare. Right now the only options ive been looking at is to: 1. COMPLETELY start over by performing a system wipe. 2. Just start over by building my own pc.

All help and advice is very much welcome guys. Thanks!

A system wipe would probably be good, and if you are only doing word processing and web browsing, a clean reinstall should have things nice and snappy again.

You could also pick up a 120GB SSD and install the OS onto that.  That would make things really snappy.

The thing is I have no knowledge whatsoever of this computer's and its hardware. I also have no idea on how I would install the OS onto the SSD.

Download that and give us a screenshot of each tab.

Installing an OS onto an SSD is the same as installing an OS onto any other hard drive.