New PC in 2020

Hello fellow level 1s,

I’m planning a CPU/MOBO upgrade in 2020 and I have a side question. I’m obviously waiting for benchmarks for Ryzen 4000 and intel 10900k etc…

However, I recently got a new phone and it has quick charging up to 45 watts and I’m loving this feature because I can keep my phone plugged in for 5-10 minutes while doing something else and unplug it at 80% to save battery wear cycles. All that wear cycle science aside. I am looking for a motherboard that has this kind of quick charge capability or an addin card that can utilize this quick charging feature through pcie. Obviously the new ryzen and intel motherboards are not out yet. So I can’t be given examples to buy but my confusion comes with terminology. I’ve seen USB-IF Type C, Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.2 gen 2 etc… and I’m not sure exactly what to call this port/card that I need for when these products do start getting released.

I saw one for an Asus front add in drive but my case doesn’t support that physical format. Another thing I’m curious about is whether its possible to get USB 3.2 Gen 2 type speeds with 45 watt or 60 watt quick charging ability. I have a lot of music and from time to time like to transfer 1000s of photos or some videos from my pc back and forth. This is quite time consuming to tether my phone to the desktop for hours on end, especially if I have something I wish to do or somewhere else I want to be but I need my phone.

So ideally is there a solution that gives the charging I wish and is a high transfer speed possible? So i can transfer 10 gigabytes of data in a couple minutes tops?

OR is all of this already included in the 3.2 gen 2 spec and I’m just overwhelmed with all the transfer data white noise and keep missing it where I’ve been researching.

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