New PC Help With Parts Please

So basically I'm building a new PC my budget is 1080 dollars this will be my 1st time building a PC and have no idea what parts I should select I hear all kinds of things and am kind of confused now so please help me I'm going to be gaming and making stuff in Ae

A few things though I will be buying all my stuff from Amazon ( I don't know other webshops that support my country )

And please use PCPP ( PC Part Picker )

What is your country?

According to his profile, it's the Netherlands.

I say this is your best bet for your buck


If I were you I would buy this whole thing because it's the most user friendly to build and the best bang for your buck.

Go with the Hyper 212 instead of the T4.

Get a 64-bit OS.

Otherwise, not bad.

**there is no way to choose only amazon as the vendor.. and it takes too long to try to look through all the different vendors to find the best prices.

Here is a build using deutchland pcpartpicker.. I dont know if availability or pricing is the same.. but I am assuming it is atleast similar. Many parts are from

making a list on just amazon is difficult because the shipping cost can vary too much... 


You don't even know how much the difference is

The PcPP gave you a basic guideline.  If it's too expensive, tell us and we can help you choose parts to downgrade.

Also, why Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive.  Would not recommend that SSD.

Yeah, swap out the SSD for another.. the earlier versions is what I based my decision on, but I have changed recommendations since learning about their component change. Thanks for bringing it up.

You are going to get a lot of different suggestions on here, many good ones.  One thing to consider, to save some cash, is try going with second gen i5 or i7 (or even third), with a higher end board that supports the 1155 socket since your budget is limited, and focus on the best NVidia card you can afford for the CUDA cores since you are going to be doing editing.  Don't waste your cash on an oversized Power Supply, get one thats big enough to not keep a high load on it, but not overkill, a single card system will be fine with a 650 Watt supply.  For Editing, faster memory is better, but for gaming, lower latency on RAM is better, I find 1600 Mhz Vengeance to be a good memory for both (good tradeoffs), and you will probably need at least 8gb (more is better for editing).  On your drives, an MSata or regular SSD with your operating system on it, with a larger WD Black or two would be more than sufficient.  The "latest and greatest" is great, but with budget, sometimes they aren't worth the money for what most people do when it can be spent better elsewhere and end up with a greater whole (like Sandy Bridge over Ivy or Haswell, and spend the saved money on a better graphics card, an SSD, or more memory).  I know there aren't many specifics in here, but some things for thought.