New PC gamer

What are some of your favorite pc games? I am new to PC gaming. Are there some games that you would recomend to someone that has gamed on a console until now? I have always loved videogames but I will be getting an ROG g750vw haswell gaming notebook in a few weeks and now I can play games on PC! What games would you recomend? 

Total War series has always been one of my favourite PC exclusives. Well, they released a few games on Mac, but you know what I mean:

Ignore the Spanish in the second link, unless you can understand it.

Half life 1-2


it all depends on what your into really

A good update is that I like role playing games, shooters, and adventure games the most.

I personaly like platformers, If you do try Trine. Its an awesome game.

Also Evoland is awesome, so many refernces and yet such a wicked game.





In that case, you might consider DayZ. It's a shooter zombie survival horror online multiplayer.

It's currently a mod for ARMA, but the standalone version is being developed.

I'm just trying to pick games that you wouldn't see on console.

Counter strike if your in to fps.




garrys mod

those are some of my favorites to play with freinds

Team Fortress 2, FTL, Hotline Miami, Bastion, Deus Ex: HR, and Torchlight 2

If you like RPG, adventure, and shooter you cannot go wrong with Fallout 3.

my favorite games are:
left 4 Dead 2. The modding comunity for this game is so big that you can't get tired of this game.
Dues EX

Tribes: Ascend

League of Legends

War Thunder

Those are examples of good recent PC-only games. Also, they are free to play.


A couple of you guys are giving him games that are on consoles lol.

I would say figure out what you like. Get on YouTube and just find some games that look interesting.

Some PC exclusives I would give would be Arma 2 (DayZ/Wasteland mod) or 3 (Wasteland) (No, I don't like vanilla Arma.); any Valve game, because they are always better on Steam; ...The mobas (LoL and Dota 2)....; And then there is always Half-Life 2 and its many, many mods.

If you ever liked lord of the rings get the third age total war mod 

Metro 2033 but play it a 2 am for full wrtf was that expirance same with dead space

Get £30 race wheel for f1 2012 if like raceing it hase a good level of assists for unexpiranced players.