New PC Gamer!

Hey TekSyndicate Forum!


I just sold my console and build a gaming PC on the YouTube channel's advice (And because most of my friends do the same)


Any Steam codes to get me started? :D


post your steam and i might be able to hook you up with a copy of dota 2


try dota by BASSHUNTER such a good song 


Got Dota now. Thanks though!

Yeah I got Dota now, Thank you!

I would suggest you get the new humble bundle to get started out with  some games. Its a really good deal and its all for charity, I highly recommend it.

i recomend giving him games

Well this isn't exactly a Steam code but I would be willing to get you the files for Fallout 3: GOTY Edition for free. It will not run through Steam and it doesn't have to be activated through Steam or Windows Live Games. I can't think of any ways for me to send you 8GB+ of data but if you find a way hit me up.

heres your steamcode