New PC Gamer Setup for under $600?


My brother wants to get into PC gaming. So, he wanted me to scout out some parts for him.

Problem is, he doesn't have a Monitor. 

So, can one of you guys piece together a build w/ a monitor for less than $600?

Desired Monitor specs- 1920 x 1080, <5ms response time, 60 Refresh Rate or higher, and have built in speakers.

Thank you!


Dont use build in speakers, they are always horrible, get a properish pair of headphones instead like a ATH-M30 or 20-30 dollar speakers. Do you already have windows? Does he have parts that he could reuse like a dvd burner, a hard drive or a case?

Here is what you could get if you already have a hard drive

and with a hdd (he should put in a second ram stick later on)