New PC gamer needs games

hello good people of The Tek.

 i have recently started to play games on the PC and switched from the Xbox360, what are some great games to really get into, i want games that i can throw hours and hours into and still feel rewarding, games like for me minecraft, i have no telling how meany hours in minecraft, since the frist alpha i have been playing and i still do. i have tried games like League of Legends, but it is to toxic if your not a pro player. Heartstone is a game i have been playing a lot of and it has been fun but i don't want to play it every day. Any suggestions wold be thanked

I would say try war thunder and hawken for a mmo type game. For single player cant go wrong with skyrim and any of the bioshocks honestly.

RPG Games:  Elder Scrolls (4,5),  Fallout (3, New Vegas)

FPS Games:  Team Fortress 2 (Free-2-Play),  Quake (1,2,3) Multiplayer,  Unreal Tournament (2004) Multiplayer

You could try Garrys mod. And a good RPG series is The Witcher series. 

If you liked Minecraft I would suggest Terraria and Starbound. They are similar games, just 2D instead of 3D. There is also DayZ and Rust, but those are more survival type games.

I would also recommend FTL: Faster than Light if you want something with replay value. It's strategy/roguish game.

Two good FPS games would be Portal 1-2, and Teamfortress 2.

All of these can be found on Steam. Of these I'd recommend Terraria, Starbound, and Teamfortress 2 for starters. As much as I love Dota 2, I don't recommend it if you didn't like League of Legends.


Here's a detailed post I made for someone else.

How about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, tons of mods to play with after playing the vanilla games.

thank you i have checked them all an i have bought terraria and DayZ both are a lot of fun.

thank you, i have bought Skyrim and on the 360 i hated it, but the PC feels so much better to play it on and looks amazing.

Rust, Civ 5, Mount & Blade. And if you got the balls, want a taste of MOBA and are feeling hardcore go for Dota 2. 

You can easily dump numerous hours of enjoyment into any of these and in addition, they are PC exclusive. 

If you think you might like strategy games I would suggest something like Civ 5. The learning curve isn't too bad since it is turn based and the replayability is pretty decent. I personally have over 300 hours into it.

will try dota  and civ 5 i have but i never have played i completely forgot about it, bought it during steam winter sell and never played it

Awesome, glad I could help out.

I'm going to be running a server for Starbound if you end up getting that I'd let you jump on the server. I won't get it until it's officially released though.

If you plan on playing Dota I can add you on Steam and we can do some matches. I've been playing since it released. It can be frustrating initially.

Spelunky. Super addictive and re-playable.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites

  1. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (word of warning this game is buggy as hell you need to install the unofficial patch to get this game running the way it is meant to be played. it has good story and gameplay)
  2. Deus Ex (Both The Original and Human Revolution) (arguably the best game to grace the glorious PC Master Race)
  3. Tomb Raider (Reboot) (this game was such a good reboot and amazing graphics)
  4. Far Cry 3 (Basically Skyrim with Guns)
  5. The Witcher (1 & 2) [an excellent RPG that is open world but very linear)
  6. Skyrim (this RPG alone modded will make anyone cry)

How about a RTS or RPG.

Maybe something like one of the Total War games, Age of Empires or Baldurs Gate.

I suggest going to


Just buy the bundles. mostly indie games, abut all are cheap. You can donate $1 and picl up most of the games, if you're on a budget that week. 

Even if you dont think you will play them. They're extremely cheap, and most are really worth it.