New PC for gaming

Hello, I am planning on buying a new computer mostly for gaming. 


I'm not sure about the MB, which one would be better? Gigabyte GA-z97x or MSI z97?

Also, I'm not sure if the Scythe cooler is gonna fit very well (maybe low profile RAMs?)


I'd like to hear your opinion on my choice, what would you change, remove, add? :)

  • Changed the cooler to something a little more well known.
  • Motherboard to one that has better ratings and reviews
  • RAM to a set that has the same specs, but quite a bit cheaper
  • Using the cost savings above, switched to a larger SSD.

EDIT: Also, do you really need the i7-4790K? An i5-4690K would be more than sufficient for 99% of games, and it's quite a bit cheaper.

Thanks wiemerimer, I'll think about the CPU




I decided to go with the i5-4690k and Hyper 212 EVO since it's cheaper and I'm not gonna do some crazy overclocking.

This is better in the long run as games are using more memory bandwidth.

Could you fix that link please?

So like this:

Motherboard is probably overkill, as it's an overclocking-oriented motherboard.  It'll work just fine though, and is still at a decent price point.

The rest of the build looks just fine for games.