New PC Editing/Gaming Rig Advice

Hello there!,

I am wanting to build a computer for editing and gaming in the 500 - 600 $ range and I am wondering what would be the best for the price in terms of cpu,gpu,ram,etc. I would like a really good computer that I could render videos with rather quickly and be able to play some higher end games (skyrim,sleeping dogs,gta 4) Any help would be much appreciated!

you're not gonna get a strong editing rig with $600 first off... that's a low-mid tier bang for your buck gaming rig price range... what programs do you use for video editing?

most programs for video editing use CUDA accel... this is about as good as you can get for $5-600 barring whether the heatsinks will clear the cooler?

If you want to step up to about $700 or more on the build you would get a huge improvement, until then trying to get a super strong Apu may be a good option. If you wanted to go that way, here's a build:

Thanks for the quick response! I use programs such as adobe premiere pro,photoshop and after effects. Btw @DrukenPanda yeah that's pretty good! since I have a 1tb hard drive lying around so I could spend a little more on the cpu