New PC Case Ideas?

Hey hope you are having a good Monday morning! I currently have a Corsair 275R Airflow PC case and its doing okay but i want something that feels/looks a bit more premium for my new WFH office. My budget is around $200 and looking for a case that supports my specs what are:

  • X299 Raider Mobo
  • Titan V
  • Titan Xp
  • Quadro T400
  • 280 AIO

Any Ideas? Since I had my eye on the Torrent from Fractal but last i heard they have issues with the fan hub of some sorts.

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Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (pending price in your area)


They already quickly recalled and fixed the issue properly and seriously


I vote for the Fractal Torrent aswell. Great case, cools well, everyone’s raving about it. But it’s gonna be hard to find I think.

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Ignore that, it only affects the hub that you should not use unless you need too. Free replacements as well. Should not affect your options at all.

AS for my vote: Print it, use 4U or wall mount :slight_smile: Modern cheap cases are not worth personal investment - they are consumer products. Setting up a rack,printing something super cool or just tooling a wall expose :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of fractal p400/ap300a mesh cases

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Reviews all say it’s really good.

Fractal customer service is among the best there is. Check and if need be they will literally send you another one. For free. They did this to me. Not a torrent case, but older fractal design case, my fan controller died, they sent me one from Sweden for free…

Lian Li 011 dynamic…
My favourite case in the last 5-6-7 years…

Those are Phanteks :wink:


Right you are :rofl:

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Sorry for not responding only just got internet back in my new home, well from what i can see people here saying the Torrent is pretty good and its been fixed or mostly fixed, so it seems ill most likley go with that since it would look pretty sleek compared to my current case, thanks for all the replies and advice, its helped alot!

I’ve always wanted to do a home made wooden case with a good HEPA filter on the bottom and all the fans drawing air up out of the top

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Fwiw fractal recalled the cases, per what GN reported, any new ones you buy should have the fixed fan hub already.

Metallicgear Neo Qube

I like this case it’s a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL clone but I really like the dual Mobo option. And it looks good price is right.

You can put up to a EATX size mobo and an ITX mobo in the case at the same time, it requires a special power supply to power both PCs at the same time.


I got mine for $120 +SH

Please, for the love of our lord Slaanesh, no more Lian Li O11s

Fractal Torrent all the way!


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Yes that is why I said that it should not affect his options. Dont just assume that yours will have the right hub, confirm the number and design of the PCB or not use it.

Fan recall has been nipped in the butt, at a near breakneck speed. Any existing owners with them, received a replacement swappable hub. Anything ordered recently / post-recall backordered have gone through hub swapping process.

x299 boards typically have a nice amount of 4pins smattered about [worst case scenario, be to merge some of the fans to a common header, like say the 2x140 AIO fans]. I too have an MSi Raider and its done well, in an 4000D w/ all fan points occupied

… To call out another [FD] option, would be the Meshify 2

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