New Pc Builder

Alright so basically i just need help lol, obviously.. i've bought computer hardware parts to basically build a new computer price range is some where around $600, now what i want to try to do is when i finally recieve all the parts and put em all together i'm going to NEED someone to guide me on how to put the wires together on the mother board and the HDD drives, plus the DVD drive, GPU etc. now i already have an ok visual on how to do it but i'd rather get MORE help if ya know what i mean lol, reason why im asking is because i want to do it correctly with out blowing anything up or screwing over cuz i mean im on a budget and i've spent all the money i could and i don't want to screw up that'll just ruin A LOT! for me lol. I'll be posting the hardware links of what i bought so who ever does help me in the future gets a good picture of what i'll be working with. Thanks for the help if i do recieve any (Thumbs Up).

Everything is keyed I would be damn impressed if you managed to plug something in wrong.

Yeah the video is actually extremely helpful i've watched it three times already, i think ill just watch the video as i'm building the computer lol. thanks for the help anyways.