New PC build

Hey guys, I'm building a new PC, and I'd like it if you could check it out, and tell me in which way(s) I could improve it. 

CPU : Intel core i5-4690 3.5 GHz

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1

MoBo: Asus Maximus VII Ranger

RAM: 1x8GB Corsair Vengance DDR3

PSU: Corsair RM 550W 80+gold

SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 128 GB 

HDD: WD Black 1 TB

CPU cooler : Noctua NH D-15


The only thing I see is to get a 4690(k)

Get a 2x4 set of ram if you want 8GB... takes advantage of the dual-channel lanes of the motherboard... also, RAM is RAM... you migght want it to match the motherboard for aesthetics in a windowed case, but it's all the same... get the cheapest ram with your color scheme @ 1600 or higher... I say that because Corsair vengeance ram tends to carry a premium and it doesn't perform any better than any other RAM...

Either get the i5-4690K (for overclocking) or downgrade your motherboard significantly to the H97 models... really depends on what you're using the PC for and what you need from your motherboard, but most of the high-end boards are WAY overkill for the average gamer/user... Don't get me wrong, a little overkill isn't a bad thing, but when they cost 2.5x the price of a good Z97 board, and you don't use the features you're paying for... it's just money flushed... 

I prefer (in order) the EVGA, Asus, and MSI aftermarket coolers to Gigabyte's models... I actually like the Asus cooler the best but EVGA has MUCH better customer service (Gigabyte's is terrible in that department from my experience)...

I'm sure Corsair fixed the problems they were having with the RM series when it was first released, but I still prefer Seasonic or XFX PSUs these days...

With the HDD, I've never seen a benefit to paying more for the Black model over the Blue... it's not faster... they last about as long... I believe the Black has a better warranty... not worth the extra $ IMHO...

Depending on whether you're overclocking or not, you may not need near the cooling the Noctua D-15 would provide...


In short, you could save a good chunk of money off that build and still get the same performance... it would also be nice to know what you're using it for... but as is, it will be a nice computer... at least get the 2x4 ram set though, and match your motherboard with the right processor (K model for Z97 / non-K model with H97)

Thank you very much for your advice. 

I've been on the fence personally about whether or not I'll be OC-ing this machine, but I'll choose not to, so I'll go with the H97 Pro Gamer. 

As for the GPU, I've read a couple of reviews on the Gigabyte 970, and they're really favourable, so I think I'll stick to that one. 

I've knocked the cooling down to a nd-h 14, which is still a bit of an overkill, but I think that an overkill on cooling is a good thing. 

Also, do you have a recommendation for a full tower case, that has a good build quality, and cable management, but isn't  flashy in appearance? I've been eyeing the Corsair D750.

Oh, I forgot, I'm using the machine for gaming. (this one's kind of flashy, but in a tasteful way)

I'd take the majority of these over the 750D... 


Would you say that a Corsair CX600M would suffice for this system? 

That'll be fine for pretty much any single GPU system.

I assume "this system" is an i5 + GTX 970.