New PC Build

Hello Tek Syndicate Fans

My Friend asked If I could help him make a new pc!!

His budget will be about $1,800

He will only be gaming so yeah.. 

He says he will play TF2 and I dont know any other games.

He has no prefferences of Intel - Nvida - AMD that I know of


Thanks for any help

if he is only gona play source engine games even a 600-700$build would be enough to play them at 1080p 100-200fps

But if he really wants to spend 1800$ i also included some nice peripherals in this build that are geared for gaming :)

Since the build was geared only towards gaming, i decided to go with the Core i5 4670K CPU, if you have a microcenter near you, you can get it for a really nice price too. IMO for purely gaming, it is one of the best CPU's and since yur friend will only be gaming, i will recommend it over the FX 8350/20, due to it's higer single core performance.

For CPU cooler the Hyper 212 evo will be great even if your friend decides to OC.

The mobo is rock solid and has some nice features such as audio boost, killer E2205 LAN etc...

Just grab any 2x4 GB RAM kit that is well rated... I decided to get a 2400MHz kit since it gives a small performance boost in BF 4, but other than that, anything 1333+ MHz RAM will do :)

For GPU, The R9 290 or the GTX 780 will be great choises, go whatever you like :)

For storage, IMO the best option is to go with a SSD for boot drive and a SSHD for mass storage, so that you will have really fast boot times, and relatively fast load times for your most frequently used programs :)

The case is up to you, but you can't go wrong with the Define R4 :)

I always pick at least 80+ gold PSU with budgets like these, since it is a small investment over a bronze one, but it gives you better efficiency, and they tend to be more quiet and more reliable. Also, this PSU is overkill, but it is always better to go overkill than to max out your psu  :)

Optical drive is VERY optional, just decided to include one if you don't want the headache of copying all the files on another pc to get them on a USB drive etc...

The peripherals are good excamples if you need them :) I included a 144Hz monitor, areally nice mouse that i am using, well reviewed keyboard and a very well know headset :D

Hope i helped :)


fairly good allocation of resources... dunno that I would blow $260 on a 1080p monitor (60hz-75hz is fine), but other than that... +1

With such a budget and such a highend GPU i would personaly go with a 1440p monitor in the first place. ips or pls monitor. like the one´s Logan did a review on. Achieva Shimian 27" 1440p

Further i would change the ram. to G.skill sniper 2x4GB 1866mhz CL9 ram because they are better.. those G.skill ares are 2400mhz CL11. since highspeed ram is totaly pointless for gaming. Lower cache latency is better then highspeed ram. with a dedicated GPU. for the rest the build looks nice to me ☺

Thanks a lot for the help!

I'll show him this and he most likely would like this !

Thanks again!

I am assuming a full build with keyboard, mouse, and monitor.. I would recommend this as a complete build.. and assuming he wants to use his full budget, but as mentioned above, he could spend half of the budget for just TF2.

This build has very good parts and some future proofing. It is a 8 core processor for future games that use more than 4 cores. A VERY good graphics card, 1 SSD for windows and all your everyday programs, and HDD for games, another HDD for media (movies and music) and you can back up to both HDD's so you never lose your data.

This also has a 1440p monitor, a decent gaming keyboard and mouse included. (same mysteryangel suggested.

Price $1802


For reference, here is another build that is still good and far less.

You get most of the power and a smaller screen for about $400 less

Wow thanks this is great to get so much help, My friend told me that he also plays BF4 and Crysis 3. 

He also said his budget was raised but he does not necessarily want to spend all his money on the PC

I will check later on his budget again.

My friend thinks is better to use a SLI Nvidia 760 instead of a Gigabyte R9 290 

which is better?

It is better to use a single better graphics card if you can afford it because not all games support 2 graphics cards. The ones that do will have a much higher frame rate, but there are still micro stutters and things like that.. They have been minimized, but they are still present.

If the price is the same I would get the 760 SLI over the r9 290, but I would get the GTX 780 or 780 ti if I had the money.

In general, it's recommended that you go with the strongest single GPU option you can afford.  SLI/Crossfire is often more work than it's worth.  It also consumes more power.