New PC Build

Building a new PC and trying to keep between 800-900 dollars. My question is would it be better to downgrade the motherboard, cpu or graphics card to something else or would this build be just fine as it is. I'm open for suggestions. My goal is to lower the cost without lowering the efficiency of the system. I'll be using this for mostly gaming and some editing.

I feel like that in this price range your better off buying a slightly lower end motherboard than the sabertooth. The one I selected will still be able to overclock and perform wonderfully just without the sabertooth price tag. I also went with the 8320 over the 8350 because the 8320 is $40 less and is so close in performance that you can't even feel it.

I bumped up the graphics card with the money saved from the processor and mobo to a Gtx 770. Its probably the best vs performance card available and your getting a great Evga cooler with my choice :)

I concur with your viewpoint. Well done sir.

Much better allocation of resources. Well done


OP-I know you are learning but don't take it the wrong way when members here revamp your build.It's always for the better. What you should be doing is asking why they made changes they made so you can learn some.

Thats awesome caveman, really appreciate the advice and help. I'll go with that build instead.


No problem man, Have fun :)