New PC Build

I was wondering if any one has any suggestions to help lower the price of this build but maintain conperable performance.  I play mostly AAA titles.

Hi, Doughnut112!

How flexible are you with changing case, keyboard, and mouse? Almost any case should work as long as it has room for the cooler and a few fans. The keyboard and mouse are more personal preference than performance items so you could save a few bucks there, too. 

I am really looking for a case with a handle, as far as keyboards and mice this is my first build so I dont really know what I want other than I like black with red leds.

As far as the keyboard, you could save quite a bit and go with the Microsoft Sidewinder X4. Note: The MS SWX4 has standard keys and has red LEDs (3 levels of brightness plus 'off'). it also has a set of programmable macro keys if you're into that kinda thing. I use it for gaming and everyday typing, works great. I grabbed it when it was on sale for approximately $45 out the door.

As for the mouse, (again IMO) go with any cheap multi-button wireless mouse. I use the logitec M325, it does its job but unfortunately doesn't have extra buttons. I suggest wireless only because many times when I game with a corded mouse, the cord ends up getting snagged on or behind something on my desk... and always at the worst times.

I'm not sure about the case. I'll look around but maybe someone else can make a suggestion for a case with a carry handle that has enough room for the cooler/mb/gpu you listed.

Thanks for the help do you happen to remember where you bought your keyboard?

Is this the right one?

Would 8gb of ram be enough? Also can you reccomend some cheapo but good ram. I like the heat sinks on it because they look cool if possible.

8gb is enough for gaming, usually.  there's alot of g.skill ram that's cheap on newegg... like $55 for 8gb of ripjawsx 2133 cas9... but i don't think it work at spec with AMD, mine set itself to 1600 cas 11, but the speed doesn't make for a noticeable difference.

Is this the right one?

Yes, that's the keyboard I spoke of earlier.

EDIT: I purchased it from

About how much would using an R9 280X instead of the 290 effect the performance?

If you wont be overcloking you dont need the liquid cooling and for gameing 8gb of ram is well enough, the power supply is a bit of a overkill so this would be a bit better and also you might not need such a fancy motherboard unless you use all of it's features so an asus sabertooth 990FX R2.0 would be also pretty good and it's meant to last. Also i think that you should keep the 290 because it is pretty nice.

Okay, should I just use the stock cooler? Or get an air cooler?

Threw together this build. It is about 200 dollars cheaper than your build and should perform pretty much the same. 

I went with the m5a99fx motherboard because it is the best 8350 motherboard for the money. The sabertooth and the ROG board offer very little performance gain for the price. 

For cooling went with the noctua nh-u14s. This will cool almost as well as the liquid cooler but runs super quiet and will give you none of the troubles an AIO cooler can bring. If you don't want a super overclock you can easily step down to a coolermaster evo 212 and save some money. I'm sure you can easily get 4.4-4.5 with an evo. 

For ram 8g of g. Skill snipers. 8g is more than enough and this kit is on sale. 

For storage. The kingston hyperx ssd performs really well in torture tests and it's priced well. Western digital blue drive is fine for game installs. 

The psu is beastly and overkill but it's on sale and priced the same as the xfx you had before. There is nothing wrong with the xfx though. I have one in my rig and they are made by seasonic.

For the case you wanted something with handles so I stepped down to the coolermaster storm scout 2 mid tower instead of a full tower case. 

For the gpu I just threw a 780 in there. I would prefer a 290 but only if you want to wait for non reference coolers and the price inflation from litecoin mining to go down. The 780 performs nearly the same and you can actually buy one off the shelf. The 770 is a good alternative as well. Again if you can wait and actually find and not overpay I would go 290. 

For the monitor I just found a reasonably priced asus 1080p monitor. I'm bad with monitors because I like ips panels. 

For keyboard and mouse I grabbed just cheaper plain alternatives. I know you wanted a back lit keyboard but I wanted to show a cheaper one that is boring looking but works well. I put the sensei raw mouse only because I have one and it's pretty cheap. I have no complaints other than its kind of small and light weight. It works really well though; very responsive. 

Thanks for putting that together! Do you know if prices will go down much right after christmas?