New PC Build

Hi TekSyndicate, 

I want to have some options on what i should buy to build a smaller PC. Im currently using an AMD 8350 and a gigabyte 7850 base PC with a Phantom410 case and i feel like its really heavy and since im a university student, i will be moving a lot often so i wouldn't mind changing an entire build to Intel. I'm hoping i can get a bit finix prodigy case but if there's a better solution to that, i would love to hear from you guys! What would you guys recommend me to get? CPU? MB? GPU? Crossfire or SLI, PSU etc...




Well your build now is very good so i would just go for a Coolermaster Haf xb case.

Here's a picture of it.

well a mini itx system would be the best solution for you, with a bitfernix prodigi case i personaly realy like, but then you have to  go with intel. i also don´t know what you doing at school, but if you use it for some heavy stuf, then an i7 is recommended.

So first question what is your budget? maybe you can sell your current rig, to make more money into a new mini itx build.

my budget would be around 800-1000 pounds.  Can you find a list of parts that would be compatabile for that bit finix case?

i guess you allready have some parts laying arround like storage and psu? if so which psu do you have?

i selected a few parts:

i think you can  use your ram, psu and storage from your current build, i dont know which cpu cooler you have. maybe you can also use that one.

if you prefer a better overclockable mobo, you could also take the Asus Maximus VI Impact  but its alot more expensive arround 200 pounds. for a gpu i choosed for a msi 7970 TF its for 291 pounds on sale, and you get 3 free games. its a littlebit cheaper then a GTX770, but those cards performing allmost equal. and with those free games, its ofc a better deal, in my oppinion. also maybe interessting could be the Msi 7950 OC edition card  which is on scan on a rediculous sale of 185 pounds with 3 free games. thats something to look at!!


I got news for you the bitfenix prodigy is HUGE it is realy laughable how its called 'mini itx'

size comparison micro atx vs prodigy

M ITX vs prodigy

If you whant something small this is the case for you (and its only about £40) cooler master 120 elite its 1/2 the size.

would a fractal design 304 node fit a full size GPU like the GTX 760, HD 7970 ...etc?

Do you know if a GTX 760 can support more than 2 monitor? For example 3 monitors? Or should i upgrade into the 760 to 770 for a bit extra?