New pc build (problems with crossfire)

OK ive just finished my new budget pc build the spec is as follows

Amd a10-5800k cpu

asus radeon hd6670 1gb ddr5 gfx card (crossfired)

asrock a75 fm2 dgs motherboard

crucial ballistic sport 2x4gb 1333mhz ram

and maxtor 500gb hard drive

now my machine was running great untill my second graphics card came today , i installed it and set up crossfire and now when i click on a drop down menu/adress bar/login box , of any kind it will show a screencap of my screen in the size of the window the drop down box produces kind of like a display with in a display

also ive noticed even with my machine running crossfired cards, i still dont get any higher scores on any benchmark program i use??

please can someone shed some wisdom on this thank xzx

first off are you using win8? as iv been seeeing alot this happening with win8

also when you got your gpu did you wipe the graphics drivers and do a clean install? if not go do it.