New pc build please help

hi guys, im new here and i dont know how to build my own pc.what compatibility issues i might encounter? i know i am a noob. but i want to learn.

from lurking on this sight, i decided to get an i5 2500k, so please tell me what mini-ITX board i can overclock it with. I also want to buy a bitfenix prodigiy case. can someone make a tutorial on overclocking this beast and coolers i need to buy, programs i need to download and stuffs i need to learn. i am willing to spend a lot of time to this build.


i am from the Philippines so maybe your motherboard suggestions will not be able in my country. thanks for the help guys..

This is the board to get for high end mini-ITX systems:

Also, I would suggest a Corsair H100 for the best cooling. I'd suggest a Phanteks cooler too, but I'm not sure if it would fit inside the prodigy or not.

If it's your first build I would recommend a Gigabyte board.

For that fact of Dual Bios, so incase your board screws up you still have that extra Bios.

I'm also doing my first build too, soon as I sell my current Desktop and Laptop.

Also. What's your Budget?

Dual bios is overrated. The only reason you would ever need two is if your computer shut down while one of them was being updated. If your settings get screwed up and your computer won't boot correctly just hit the clear cmos button.

I doubt Gigabyte has a performance mini-ITX board anyway.


Can never be too carefull. Freak accident's happen. Anyways, something a little more performance oriented how about this one


mini-ITX for overclocking (specially on SB). lolnope

If you want to overclock, get an ATX board and a proper case..