New PC build, Need some advice please

The build:

CPU: i3 2130 Sandy Bridge

Mobo: ASRock Pro 3 Z77 LGA 1155

Memmory: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600

Heat Sink Fan: Hyper Evo 212

Case: Corsair Carbide 300R

PSU: SeaSonic M12II 650W

SSD: Samsung 840 Series 120GB SATAIII

Storage: 1TB Western Digital Black

GPU: HIS IceQ X Radeon HD 6870 1GB

Optical Drive: Sony Optiarc 24X DVD Burner


The purpose for this build is for regular use. Internet surfing, Video Editing ( From personal cam corder), maybe a few Kid's  games and storing pictures and video's. Preaty much a family computer. Nothing insane I just want to edit my video shots. I don't know what software I'm goin to be using, but the i3 should be able to handle all of this right?



are you buying these parts new? or are some of them left over?

If not, I'd recomend sticking to the latest ivy bridge i3s.(for various reasons, including power consumption and overall performance) The i3 3250 should do fine, it's a dual core with hyper threading 2+2(logical cores) so 4 cores.

This also goes for your video card, if you're buying might aswell get something new and efficient that'll probably last/be future proof a little bit more. a 7850 it a real nice bang for your buck.

You probably don't need an ssd, not for a family computer, unless you want fast boot times. (games won't matter in this case) If you do get an ssd, just get maybe a 90GB for your OS

Unless of course you already have some of these parts or you can find them cheap.

Unfortunately I'm on tight budget and it's a hand down from my friend. He says he used it for about 3 moths and they are still under warranty. No Overclocking was made. Same goes for the GPU and Mobo. Ya I like the SSD for fast boot and my video editing software to be in it so 120GB was redommended for me. All this is at $650... I think I got a good deal.. Right?

everything listed for $650? I'd say it was worth it.

lol thanks. Anyways.. can the i3 handle the video editing? I don't need it to be HD but it would be great if it can.

it is by far insignificant to modern and high-end cpus, but it should do fine for lighter stuff like you say.

That i3 is also hyper threaded so it too has 4 cores (2+2), and from what i gather, rendering likes cores. as for HD stuff, it should be able to push that stuff, but it'll obviously take a little bit longer, (the ssd won't be a bottle neck) use that free time while rendering to make a sandwich and enjoy life :D

Sweet.. Thank You so much :)

On a side note: being hyper threaded does not really make it perform like it has twice the number of cores. Hyper threading isn't quite that big of an improvement, although it does help, and in certain operations, rather substantially. What it basically does it allow you to push an operation per core at the beginning and end of a clock cycle, so you can get two consecutive operations performed within the span of a single clock cycle. The problem arises if you have it trying to multi-task on more than two CPU intensive tasks, because the system bus interrupts will actually run through and stop the second thread to start a new thread on the following cycle, which may also be interrupted. Basically, threads alone cannot replace actual cores, but it does help.

the fx6300 is about the same price and runs much better in games. as 3x the cores of an i3.

for mobo, you can get the asrock 970 extreme4

and, why do you hant a heat sink fan for the i3? you can't overclock. If you get a unlocked series (like the fx), sure get a good cooler if you want to OC, but if not the stock (at least for me) is ok.

If you want to get a bit more money, you can get a 32gb ssd and use it as cache. I've seens is even faster than the ssds, but you know what you want.

And again: Hyperthreaded ins't having the double of the core: the fx8350 can beat a i7 in programs that use all the cores and is significant cheaper. But intel has always bettter single core performance.

Lol. An i3.