New PC Build, need CPU/Mobo Advice

I will be finally building a new system after having my current system for five years. It does everything I need it to but needs more memory. Since it's DDR2 and the mobo maxes out at 16gbs and DDR2 is expensive, im not going to even bother spending that money. I can get 16GB DDR3 for 40-80 right now.

Anyway, Im stuck between the i7-4770K with a Z87 chipset mobo or AMD FX-9370 with a 990 chipset mobo. 


I will be gaming, recording video, ripping movies and more virtualization. Right now my computer handles everything but with me adding on more VM's, ram is non-existent. I will be overclocking my new system. So depending on the processor everyone recommends, ill either choose a Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler or a closed loop h100. I plan on going full liquid cooling, but Im still in the design phase of what case I want / what fans (most likely corsair SP's) and building my actual loop.


For now I know I want a 780 3GB, Raid Card, I have a creative X-Fi Platinum for a sound card. I will like to have 2 full PCI-e x16 3.0 slots because I plan on moving up to 1 27" WQHD monitor as an addition to my 2 27" HD Monitors. So I would like full SLI Capability if I need it / in 2 years when a 780 is filthy cheap I can always pick one up and SLI. Although Im a single card kind of person, SLI has come a long way, so  I might gamble with it again.


Computer will most likely get picked up very early october unless I find a reason to buy it sooner (which will probably happen). As far as cost goes, looking to keep it realistic but at the same time im expecting atleast 3 years out of it, so I wont be unfair with price. Trying to keep it under 2k. I built this current computer for a grand, lasted 2 1/2 years on a 260, bought a 580 for $550 and lasted another 2 1/2 years on it. Total came out to be $1600 roughly.


I hope someone can help make this decision easier!

If you are buying in October then why post this now??? A build list now will be obsolete by then.

Not about when im building it. Im more focused on CPU and Mobo, those 2 items wont become obsolete by October. AMD's not coming out with anything new till 2014 and intel is coming out with Ivy-Bridge E and thats it. So I dont think im out of bounds thinking anything I spec now will change much. I see the price dropping but thats it.

I never said that the parts would be obsolete but a price list certainly will. Sorry if it came across as negative. Who knows what price drops could happen between now and October? AMD has already just announced (like yesterday) a slashing of the price of the 7990 for example. There are just too many variables to factor into a build list with future projection of prices sorry. All it takes is another event in asia to see the ram prices sckyrocket like they did years ago along with the hdd market.

I think you will also find that the FX9xxx cpus are well overpriced at the moment, right now the 8350 is the best bang for buck for what you workload you want to work with.


Ah I see your observation. Thanks for explaining how you were looking at it.

Im not worried about price, im just wondering what people would recommend. I know some people are telling me to switch to intel cause the i7 has HT and it will help with VMs and other cpu intensive apps. 

I will come back near october and ask the same question 

its all depending on your budget realy.For the things you plan to do with your system, i could advice to  go for intel i7 or AMD FX8350, both options will be good for the job.

The intel i7 will be a little bit faster, in some tasks, then the amd but not that much.And cost a lot more. Thats something to keep in mind, the AMD FX8350 wil be the best bang for buck still, in movie ripping vm´s streaming editing recording etc, because of its 8 cores and realy low price, compaired to intel.

Anyway mobo/cpu combo´s i would recommend.

Intel: i7-4770K with Msi-Z87 Mpower Max mobo.

AMD: FX8350 with Asus Sabertooth Gen 3 or Sabertooth 990FX R2.0.

Grtz Angel ☺