New PC build ideas (gaming/light photo and graphic editing)

So here are the specs I'm thinking about getting.

- intel i7 4820 k

-Gygabyte G1 sniper Z87

-4x4 kingston beast ram

-850 watt corsair RM gold (should I go higher?)

For the graphics card should I get 3x SLI 760, 2x SLI 780, or a single 780 ti? I'm thinking 2x SLI 780 but I've never built my own PC before so yeah.

I dont know if the case and storage is relevant but I'll post it anyways ;P

-2x kingston 240gb ssd (raid 0)

-1TB seagate barracuda

-NZXT H440

-corsair H100i

I would go with the two 780s as far as the graphics cards if your're looking for really great performance and the 850w should be plenty for what you've got ( I have the RM 750 its awesome). As far as the motherboard that sniper isn't going to work because they don't make a sniper board on the 2011 socket. You're using a 4820k so you need to make sure you're using a socket 2011 board for it(preferably a higher end board because you're using a ivy bridge-e chip I would recommend an Asus Rampage IV mobo if you're looking for really high end gaming. I have an H100i and you're defiantly going to want to replace the stock fans because they're really loud I recommend the Noctua NF-P12 1300. Everything else looks fine but I've heard a lot of mixed reviews over barracuda drives and would recommend a WD Black if you like higher end HDDs I have one and I love it. When you're installing your OS just keep in mind that the H440 doesn't support 5 1/4" drives so you'll have to install off a flash drive or external disc drive. I just have one question about all this which is why are you going for such overkill? If you're just doing standard gaming (also may I ask what resolution you're monitor(s) is for all this?) then this is way over the top and I could recommend some different options that won't hit the wallet so hard.      

To be honest who doesn't like overkill ;D! Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking of running a 34-inch LG ultrawide (3440 x 1440) along with a 21 inch 1920 x 1080.

Here is the motherboard I think it perfectly compatible, I went over it again and I didn't see anything wrong.

No, don't use the 4820k unless you are thinking about upgrading later on to the 4930k, because that only slightly better than the 4770k and it isn't worth the extra money.  Also, you can just go with the 4930k because that is a nice chip and is actually worth the money you pay for it.

Screw all that, get a Chromebook. That can run Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 maxed out at 80 fps ;)

I like you, you're funny.

I suggest getting the 6 core i7 if you go with the 2011 platform.  The i7-4820k is very comparable to the i7-4770k on the cheaper 1150 platform, and isn't really worth the price premium.

Dual GTX 780s will be good for gaming.  However, for productivity rendering and stuff like that, you can usually only optimally use one GPU.  SLI is only for gaming.  Since your build is gaming centric, dual GTX 780s are a good pick.  A single GTX 780 should be plenty for light graphics editing.

Thanks man.

The 6 core is a little out of my budget (2000-ish)

Thanks for the graphics card advice.

If it is, then get an i7-4770k and a motherboard like the MSI Z87-GD65.  The 4820k isn't really good compared to the cheaper i7-4770k.

The 4820 k is 10$ cheaper than the 4770 k on amazon right now. So that negates the price issue.

I would go with a 4770k really that will be perfect and I just looked at thay mobo and no seriously you can't use that one. That motherboard supports socket 1150 the cpu you're using is socket 2011 so it won't work together. If you use a 4770k it'll work but the cpu you want isnt compatable

Thanks man, that would have sucked lol

But the motherboard for 2011 is often more expensive.  The budget 2011 board can get you a very decent LGA1150 board.

This is a total build I would recommend. Like others said before, the 4770k is the best option for gaming because you can put the extra money into higher quality components for overclocking, better storage for efficiency and backup, and better case for cooling (while keeping it quiet.)

Post your max budget so we can help you out further, this is what I would be looking at:

There is nothing really too excess, but everything is premium quality.

The storage is 128gb SSD for OS, 250gb SSD for games, and the HDD for long term backup and media. The noctua cooler is only a LITTLE warmer than an H100, but a hell of a lot quieter. Its silent.. as are the noctua case fans.

Here is a cheaper, but still good quality build:

This has less ram (8gb), but its all you need for gaming, and the ram is slower, but the performance increase for faster ram is very minimal also. The other differences are just cheaper, but still high quality options. You can still get a good overclock on the asrock extreme4 and it has a good layout and quality parts.

Thanks for the suggestions :D 

My buget is right around 2000 (no higher than 2100) 

The 4820k isn't even better than the 4770k.


The 4820k is simple the cheap option for a 2011 board.

There we go. I just removed the case fans. The included case fans are already reasonably quiet. That will be a killer machine man. It will be difficult to do better than that.