New PC Build Help

hey guys,

i've been saving up for a computer for a while now, i have $1500 AUD saved and i'm hoping to get $2000. i was wondering if you could give me some parts that i could get that would fit within that budget, I'm 14 and live in Australia and i think that being able to build a PC will be something helpful in the future. Also something that i wont need to tinker with too much as i am "too poor to buy cheap" as my uncle says, any advice for begginers like me and or some parts for the computer would be great

Wrong section mate, there is a PC Build section specifically for this subject. May be an idea to go here and post you query.

State what you are going to be using your pc for, do you need a monitor, os etc. Also any preferences towards any brands so forth.

Peace. :-)


cool, thanks! im new to the forums and well, i have basically no idea where to put things so thanks!

In case you dont know, in Australia use