New Pc Build.. Actually my first ever pc build EVER,, and what a sick Gaming machine it will be

Hey Guys… Just joined…

I am upgrading to a new pc and building it myself…

Here are the specs

Processor - Amd Ryzen Threadripper 3960x
Mother board - Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme
Custom water Loop
WD 2 tb m.2 SSD
Case - Corsair Crystal 680x
Corsair Hydro x
Cpu Waterblock = EK Quantum Velocity
Soft Line Tubing
Nvidia RTX 2080TI Founders Edition
Water Block for RTX2080 Ti GPU

And a few extra bits…

Wish me luck… doing a video as i go along…

Is it better to do a video and speed up or a time lapse video?

Kind regards


Nice selection you got there.
Take your time and take care putting her together.

Personaly, I like photos the best.

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Kindly refrain from using the word “sick” during these times. I have mixed feelings about the choice of words. :sweat_smile:

For forums, i agree with pic only. Video feels more like content for YT or Twitch.

silly question but how do i upload pictures on here?

Drag to the post form or paste the URL

thats a hell of a first build

I’m really curious as the motherboard is categorised as XL-ATX…and would that fit properly into the crystal 680x case? as I plan to have them as well

Cool build, keep us updated. :slight_smile:

so I’ve got a little issue now… I’ve finished building it and have started it up… all the less light up and fans etc… but I’m not getting anything out of the gpu… I’ve tried a different card and that not the issue… have I missed a power cable?

ATX is plugged in,
2 x pie to gpu,
and usb headers…

il try and get some pics up here
thanks guys



fitted perfectly mate

turned out it was the cpu that was dodgy… back to the build now

thank you for the reply! :slight_smile: now just gonna need to get them

13583 Cinebench results… not bad


Can you do a geekbench 5 run please (because it is cross platform), I’d like to compare your 24Cores against the 12 I have on my Ryzen 3900X.

so i got 14826 on cinebench at 62 deg, 4.400 mhz and 1.45 volts and geekbench was 1252 at single core and 20356 at multi… but i reckon i could go higher… just not sure how to reach the limits

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