New PC - £850 inc. Monitor + Win 8

I am looking for a gaming PC that will get the best FPS on the highest settings possible for my £850 budget, I live in the UK. I am looking to play BF4 and the AAA titles plus the PC exclusives. No rendering or editing parts wanted purely for gaming and general internetting.


I have never overclocked so please consider that, though if it is easy I am willing to do it.

I am not a water cooling fan at all, I don't trust water any near my expensive PC. 

Monitor wise I want something 20" plus but for gaming I am not sure what is best to go for, max out res or high refresh rate and the best gaming monitor types like TN/IPS etc. so advice on that too please.


Specifics about my machines, would like a case with extensive cable management, I was looking a a define R4 or Corsair 200R, I would like an SSD + HHD combo for my OS+Mass storage and for GPU, nVidea please, I like the look of G-Sync and Shadow play. 


Thanks in advance. 



This should cover everything. The 6350 is already overclocked out of the box. You'll want to buy something like a £20-25 CM hyper EVO heatsink to place on it to keep it nice and cool.

This is based on a build I made for a friend who wanted an all Intel/Nvidia build for around the same price:

Which isn't overclockable and it doesn't have an SSD.

For an extra £10 you could get an 8320. Just something to consider.

A few revisions; 280X > 770, and it's cheaper.

Added a quality, low noise CPU cooler.

Removed the ODD; burn Windows to a USB and use your product key. Or, hell, install Linux and save even more money.

You would need to spend twice as much on the motherboard to have sufficient power phases for something like an 8320.

This is the only 970 chipset motherboard with a 6+2 digital power phase design. This is probably the cheapest motherboard for an 8xxx processor.

He said he wanted an Nvidia GPU.

I stand by the facts, and the facts are that Nvidia's performance is not what AMD offers at the same price, or less. OP, I highly recommend that you get a 280X; at that price, you can't do any better.