New pc - $1750 budget

Hey guys, I'm building a new PC and I need YOUR help!

I'll be using this PC for gaming, video editing, rendering and streaming. I already have two Asus VG248QE monitors that my buddy got me for Chrismas, so I don't need another ( Unless you can fit it into the budget). I also don't consider the OS or peripherals part of the build. I wanna be able to play games at Max settings while using both monitors (If possible). I went on PCPartPicker and put something together after researching the parts. Any feedback would be appreciated, feel free to edit the build, thanks in advance!

EDIT: If you guys decide to make me one please keep the same case, also I plan to go SLI in the future.


Looks good to me. Nothing that requires any changes. Though, you might consider the AX760 PSU. It matches your colour scheme a little better, and it's only $10 more for a platinum rated unit.

Samsung SSDs are good. I have an 840 pro 256GB. However, I would choose this ADATA over the EVO. There's nothing "wrong" with the EVO. But MLC stands up to rigorious tests a little better than TLC NAND flash.

Would I be able to use that PSU for SLI in the future?

Yep, easily. I have a GTX 780 and a 4770k and it probably pulls less than 450W.

760W is plenty. You can 2-way SLI on an efficient 650W in most circumstances.

A video that demonstrates this:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll put this badboy into the rig when the time comes.

You should consider changing form factor. I own a Corsair 600T, and I think it is a little too large for my needs.

This mATX build saves you a good chunk of change, but it still has support radiator for the Corsair H105:

I picked the case because I love the way it looks, also, it has enough room for future ugrades.

That's fair enough. Corsair cases are quality. As I aforementioned, I have one.

If you have space for ATX and you want upgrades, that's your personal choice. mATX is usually quite suitable for most. I know I regret choosing an ATX chassis, but I have to move my rig around from time to time.

I know this doesn't have the "looks" you want, but it does have a pretty solid red and black theme and I fit a GTX 780ti into the build instead of the regular 780.. I think you are really going to want that on multiple monitors.

This looks great! I tried making it with the 780TI and couldn't get under 1800, thank you!


I had an AMD build once and we really didn't get along, thank you though!

I had an AMD build once and we really didn't get along, thank you though!

Solid build. The 760T looks awesome, but it's too much money wasted before you've considered all things.

I actually scrapped up another $150 and put this together, feedback?

The build looks good man. I think the performance will be about the same as the one I made, but you got some styling points :D   I would say get the Samsung SSD and save a few bucks and then get some different fans for the corsair h100i. The default fans are a bit noise. The noctua NH-D14 is silent though and cools almost the same. But you could put some quieter fans on the H100i. New Intel and Nvidia build :)

Its not a bad build at all. I actually prefer the asrock as well, but the EVGA superclocked ACX is a nicer cooler

Maybe combining the builds?

The black and metal version: (z87)

The Asus red and black:  (z97 more expensive)

The MSI red and Black:  (Z97)

Asrock red and black: (z97x killer NIC)


The dead silent and premium quality build:  (z79)

Looks good. Keep an eye out for deals on the 780ti. I noticed a few aftermarket cooled 780ti cards were listed cheaper than the reference design.

I was already gonna do that, the budget is for the PC itself. Haha