New Parts for Existing Build

Well I have sold my FX-6300 system and the CPU and motherboard from my main gaming system. This is what I am considering putting together. I would appreciate any input good or bad from you. This is pretty much the entire system here from parts picker but the only 3 items I am changing are the CPU, motherboard, and CPU Cooler.

Parts Picker

 These are the separate parts I am adding.


Buying the worlds most overpriced motherboard. hue hue hue hue hue. Are you entering overclocking tournaments or plan on doing a custom watcooling loop to actually get any benefit from that board? Or just throwing more money on your board than CPU for shiggles.

TL;DR get a cheaper motherboard, use money saved on Noctua NH-D14.

Thank you, opinion noted.

I agree with capt pip. Also why do you want a blu ray burner AND a DVD burner? The bluray burner does both.

I already had the DVD burner when I added the Blue Ray. Simply makes burning disc to disc easy. Yes, I intend to over clock, as well as getting a second GPU. I was also taking into the fact that this board for my old ears saves me a seperate audio card and has Blue tooth for my seperate controllers.

If you have the money to do so, I see no real problem with this build. Although I would like to note: The Hyper 212 is a very nice stock replacement cooler, but it won't quite handle anything past a moderate overclock, it simply doesn't have the thermal mass for it.

Different PSU, that one's not EPS12V from what I remember.

Trade some from the case and SSD for a 7970?

I still have all the parts listed except board, CPU and Cooler. I will look into a superior cooler like an NH D14. This is a system I have built over a couple of years so that is why I have so many of the parts listed in the Parts Picker. I also want to thank you for your input. I do honestly appreciate it.