New OS Install (Drivers)

Hey just a quik question. I built my system and started from scratch, new OS and everything. I am no considering upgrading to Windows 8.1 from 7. My question is, when I do this, are drivers still good after the upgrade or will they all have to be reinstalled and updated? Someones answer to this would be appreciated



reinstall those drivers. Mainly the GPU.

The audio driver,if your mobo inbuilt audio is a realtek,don't bother reinstall drivers,as their drivers and control panel changes the sound quality significantly. Shitty is the word I would say for that. But if your audio doesn't work properly without the drivers,then you have no choice but to reinstall it too.

Other than that.there's not much needed to be reinstall,as windows itself have some drivers for that,it's just some generic drivers,but it should be working fine,

Just be safe and re install all of them, you never know where you may find compatibility issues and have to spend extra hours upon hours having figure out what problems you may run in to.

+1.  Go to you motherboard manufacturer website.  They should have 8.1 drivers available now.