New NZXT S340 custom liquid cooled system

Hi all.

I need some advice.  I haven't created a custom liquid cooled system with hard tubing before.  Below is my estimated parts for the custom loop, a link to the pcpartpicker list of computer pieces, and an image of the planned layout.  Think I am missing anything or have any recommended changes?  Thanks for the advice.

Liquid cooling loop parts

EK Radeon Radeon R9­295X2 VGA Liquid Cooling Block ­ Nickel (EK­FC R9­295X2 Nickel)

EK­FC R9­295X2 Backplate ­ Black

Bitspower Summit EF CPU Liquid Cooling Block ­ Intel LGA Series ­ White Acetal

PrimoChill ­ Threaded G 1/4 Funnel ­ White

PrimoChilll 1/2" OD Rigid PETG Tube ­ 4x 36" Pack ­ Clear

PrimoChilll 1/2" OD Rigid Tubing Bending Kit

PrimoChilll 3/8" ID Rigid Tube Silicon Bending Insert ­ 1 Foot (for 1/2" OD Rigid Acrylic Tube)

PrimoChilll 1/2" OD Rigid Revolver Compression Diamond Knurled Fittings ­ 10 Pack White

PrimoChilll 1/2" OD Rigid Revolver Compression Diamond Knurled Fittings ­ 4 Pack ­White

Hard Tubing Internal and External Reamer / Deburring Tool

Bitspower G1/4" Crystal T Block ­ 180 Degree

Bitspower G 1/4 Thread Male to Male Rotary Extender ­ White

Bitspower G1/4 Thread Stop Plug w/ O­Ring ­ White x 4

Bitspower G1/4 Thread Female / Female Pass­Through Fitting / Fillport ­ White

Bitspower G1/4 Thread Pressure Equalizer Stop Plug w/ O­Ring ­ White

XSPC EX280 Dual 140mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiator

XSPC AX120 Single 120mm Radiator w/ Aluminum Enclosure ­ Black

XSPC 120mm Radiator Gasket ­ 3mm

XSPC 2 x 140mm Radiator Gasket ­ 3mm

Mayhems Aurora 2 Coolant Premix ­ 1L ­ Tharsis Red x 2

Phobya G1/4" Knurled Mini Valve ­ Black Nickel

PrimoChill CTR Phase II High Flow D5 Enabled Reservoir System 240mm ­ White / Clear (CTR2­D5W­24)

Swiftech MCP655­PWM


that case is beautiful. I want one too.

I dont know about the radiator in the top fan mount though, NZXT doesn't mention radiator compatibility for that slot and by the placement it looks like a radiator/fan combo there would interfere with motherboard heatsinks and ram. 

I wanted to make a similar setup as yours, but am now going to plan on using a thick radiator on the back 120 fan. If it works out with a radiator in the top mount, please post it here. thanks

I was going to put a radiator in the rear 120 spot.  I could mount one on top if the radiator was 25mm or thinner. Fan would have to be on top of the case.  The other option would be fan in the case and radiator on top.

I guess i missed that you hadn't put a radiator in the top slot, my bad.

How about using a Swiftech H220-X and expanding it?

I want to use a 280 MM radiator for the graphics card and I want to use hard tubing.  Due to that the h220 would not be cost effective because the only part I would use is the water block.