New Noctua Fans!

So much better than their original house-style.

I like the way the old ones looked, but I like to see variety. this will fit better in some builds than the old ones would


They look better than they did but they are still way too expensive (these seem more expensive than their normal fans)

I like these fans, its nice to see noctua trying new colors

the industrial fans look interesting, 2000-3000 rpms? impressive.

Yes I am seriously digging those industrial fans. When the time comes for cooling upgrades these will definitely be getting a look in. 

Expensive for a fan but I do like the new colors. The industrial fans are really interesting, even more pricey though. I also like LEDs in my fans for some odd reason.

Still way too expensive for me.

Ah, these were introduced at CES one year, I think. Or some other tech show. The "industrial" line, which everyone is going to flock to and pay extra for just because of the sexier color scheme.

Well hello there beautiful! Where have you been all my life <3

^ case and point

I won't fall for it. On the original NF-F12 you got the fan and a good set of accessories for $30,  these industrial fans you pay $35 for just the fan and then you pay $8 for accessories

omfg allllllll the colors 


Good fans cost good money, and honestly if I'm spending good money I expect it to look good or at least meet my tastes lol. I paid $30 a piece for my Gentle Typhoons and they didn't come with anything fancy at all.

Well it just shows how much of a profit they are trying to take on a different dye for the plastic. I personally think charging $35 for a fan is ridiculous no matter what the "quality" of the fan is

pretty crazy, but it wont stop people from having 10 noctua fans in their case.

Too late for me! I bought 14 SP120 for my custom watercooling loop!

I might buy some now because they will now match.

i wonder what the performance delta will be between the original and the redux since the redux is supposed to be cheaper