New Mouse Advice, M95 VS G502 VS G602

TL:DR because i like to ramble: I'm getting a new mouse. I want a good amount of buttons and better side grips compared to my Deathadder. I've narrow my search to the G502, the M95 and the G602. Any inputs on which you prefer and why? Also any other recommendations that are like those mice?


So I've decided that it's time to upgrade my mouse from the Razer Deathadder 2013 edition. Not that its really a bad mouse, its actually pretty decent I feel especial in size and shape, but mainly because I would really like more then two extra buttons. Also, I am not a fan of the rubber sides on them because they are kind of small and they kinda feel like they just absorb the grease from my hands making them slippery and pointless... Before the Razer i had a Logitech M510 which had my favorite grip pads on the side. I would never slip with those things.

Anyways I've kind of narrow my search to a few choices, at least from mainstream companies. They are the Logitech G502, the Corsair M95, and maybe the Logitech G602.

I mostly play a pretty good selection of game types but mostly RPG style games. I play some mmos here and there. I also play FPS like CS:GO but not really super competitively. I like to win, but just not my most competitive genre. Most FPS I play are story oriented like bioshock. The only game I really play competitively is Smite, and in that game I like to bind skills to my mouse and play on quick/instant casting. Smite is also the only moba I really play.

Also I have about a medium hand size. Maybe even on the smaller side. The Deathadder fits just about perfectly with my palm grip.


So what I've been reading:


Pros - Awesome sensor, probably the best, but might not be big deal to me. Comfortable for my hand size. Tilt scroll wheel is nice.

Cons - lower DPI button and "sniper" button might be awkward to reach for me. Only 3 extra buttons. It looks a little too gamerish.


Pros: lots of buttons with a good amount in easy to reach places, even if some are harder to reach theres like 5-7 that are fairly easy to reach. Looks the best out of the three in my opinion.

Cons: The sensor is not as good, although I've read that they did a firmware upgrade that improved the mouse acceleration, so I'm not really sure if I should even count this for me, but it was defiantly one of my biggest concerns. Might not be as easy to pick up from the sides because of those buttons.


Pros: Wireless with lots of battery life and no lag. Lots of buttons again like the M95. Good optical Sensor. Also not as gamerish as the G502

Cons: 2500 DPI maximum... I think I could adjust to that as I typically use about 3000, but I have read the there are some jitters when you run it at maximum. That alone really throws me off of it. Also the color is more steel gray then black which dosn't match the rest of my stuff.


So any recommendations or other thoughts about them? I'm probably going to buy two of these and just return the one I don't like as much. Also really wish one of them came with green LEDs as that's what my keyboard has. Also are there any other mice like these that I might have missed, that you guys think I should consider?