New motherboard

So my motherboard of 3 years is dead. I need a new am3+ supportive motherboard at a price range i am not yet aware of. All i know is i need it to be as good as possible as cheap as possible. My specs are on my profile. Im guessing ill have anywhere from £50 to £100 pound so a few suggestions would be appreciated as my knowledge of cheaper boards isnt as well informed as of my knowledge of higher end components

i just realised this has made a new account ill reply to this thread on my actual account so you can see my specs

WTF i cant log into my account. Are forum profiles binded to one machine as i cant log in to my actual profile it keeps logging in to this profile no matter what i log in to. So these are my specs anyway FX-6300, Asrock 990FX Extreme 3, Radeon hd 7770, 8GB Corsair vengeance (2x4 GB), WD Black 1TB, Seasonic S12 600w, Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, Hyper 212 evo

Clear your cookies, it might still be from that hack a week back

Some accounts are dun-diddly-broke. This thread is for those accounts \/\/\/

The main question is would you want 4+1 or 8+1 power, ie how much of an overclocker are you.
I like my ASROCK 970m pro3. You also may lose a few ( 1 or 4) fps going from a 990 to a 970 chipset.
Would you consider used?

i havent overcloacked at all due to my bad experience with the asrock GUI in the bios it is always messed up when i go into it

ok thanks ill look into that :)