New motherboard - PC is a lot slower

Yesterday I installed a new motherboard (ASUS Sabertooth 990fx from my M5A97) and when it was all booted up, my pc was a lot slower than normal. Steam keeps "not responding" so does Google Chrome, when I load a game it loads but it's blank. GeForce Experince outright refuses to even load. The task manager sometimes can't even close the programs when they crash and then the task manager itself stops responding. Does anybody have a clue what could be causing this? 

Have you tried going into BIOS and checking your RAM speed is set right?

No I haven't tried that yet, I'm not at home at the minute so I can't check, but is there anything else that it could be?

I'm no expert but it sounds like possibly your RAM is underperforming. It may be just a case of some programs/apps hogging it. When you get home, open up task manager and see if anythings using up a lot RAM, or CPU usage. If these look okay, take a look at your BIOS and make sure everything's set up properly.

Ok :) will do!! Thanks

you could also want to reinstall all the drives of yor mothherboard (usb controller, audio, net) and uninstall the programs that came with the asus m5a97 (thinking about AIsuite). I'm not expert too but a new motherboard would use diferent drivers for certain task I supose...

Good luck

Ok :) thanks, I'll have to have a look.

Consider reinstalling the OS entirely

Ok, I'll have to take that into consideration :) that's all I probably have to do tbh

i believe that's a different chipset on the new mobo. best bet as others have stated is to first remove old drivers and install new ones, if that doesn't fix it. back up all your data you want to keep and reinstall the OS

You did not reinstall windows did you?

A clean os reinstall is always recommended when changing any the the main components of your system. Mobo, cpu

diffrent hardware means diffrent drivers and such.. i would say reinstall all drivers, or just reinstall whole windows.. ☺

Also check in the bios if all your sata ports are setted to AHCI mode.

How do i remove the old drivers? I've just downloaded all the new ones :)

Just checked in the bios and you were right, my RAM had dropped down to 1333Mhz for some reason, so i changed it :)