New monitor?


so I'm thinking about getting a new monitor. Currently I have an AOC e2240Vwa.

I'm thinking about buying ASUS VN289Q

I would use it for gaming and watching movies/streams. 

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of the new monitor compared to the old one?

Its nice that it's a 28" monitor, but I'm sitting away from the monitor like 2.2 feet (~70cm), but it is suggested that I should be away like around 3.7 feet. Is this something that I should look out for...? 

Things like that.


Thank you,

I currently own 3x 24 inch AOC monitors, i have had them for about 5 years now and 2 are still perfect one has a single dead pixel, AOC is really underrated when it comes to monitors. as for your choices they are more or less the same, both 1080p. both good choices, if you want to pay more for the VA panel on the asus,me personally I would choose the AOC. 

I've been searching a bit more and found this one.


good, no?

that would be fine if you don't care about color accuracy