New Monitor

I am in the market for a monitor for my PC.

While I try to stay informed about the GPU/CPU scene, I am completely in the black about display panels. So are there any promising panels that will be out in the next few months?

I don't know about monitors within the next few month but I could recommend some good monitors that are out now it just depends on your budget.

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There are some decent 40" 4k monitors from korea that Wendell has been reviewing.

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A bit more information of the requierements would be nice and what you plan to doing with it.

e.g. Do you want freesync for AMD and Intel or the more expensive gsync for nvidia.
TN panel for fast response time, IPS for better colours.
What about the refresh rate. Any desire to go above 60hz?

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Thanks for response, I have realized that my post was a little vague given the lack of preferences and budget.

I plan to use the machine for coding, editing photos and gaming. My budget is 500.

With regard to refresh-rate, is there a lot of difference between 60hz and 120/144hz? If so, will I notice it in my use-case?

Well it depends on the games you play. Refresh rate wont be as noticeable on games like RPG moba's but could make a noticeable difference in racing games and fps games. Personally I really like higher resolution over faster fps though your budget dose allow for some really nice monitors. I personally use this monitor and absolutely love it .

When it comes to photo editing you really want to go with an IPS display for better color accuracy. An ideal set up is probably going with 2 in the long run one horizontal for photo editing and gaming and the other vertical for web browsing and coding.