New monitor upgrade?

So, after 5 years with a 1440x900 monitor I want to upgrade my monitor. The uses will be gaming and graphic designing/drawing and stuff like that, plus web browsing and all that stuff.

My build has a i5 3550, just 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a cheap mobo I bought to replace my faulty one, an ASUS H61M-K, a pretty decent 750W PSU that gives about 500W and a GT430 GPU that was lying in a dusty box right now (I have lent my R9 280X to my cousin for a few months, as I am currently playing very light stuff like indie games)

I know I should make the jump to socket 1151 but I´d like to keep this build up and running for some years more, but I want to make some upgrades. With the upcoming RX 480 Nitro, I want to experience 144hz gaming while having a high res panel to work on. So I went on and looked for FreeSync 1440p 144hz monitors, and saw the ASUS MG279Q (600€). Of course I wont be reaching even 60fps on AAA games in the native resolution, but I will be playing on 1080p on low-med settings with the R9 280x until the RX 480 arrives, and using the full 2560x1440 for other activities such as media enjoying. I want the 144hz for FPS like TF2 and CSGO, which I used to play a lot back in the day and want to get back into, but the IPS panels from this manufacturer seem to have a lot of BLB and IPS glow problems, so I am quite undecided. The Freesync would be great just to feel what it looks like, as I have heard wonders about it and tech shops around here are nothing like the ones you have in the US

If there was a 1080p 144hz IPS monitor I´d go for it but sadly there aren´t any. Korean monitors are not an option, as they cant be shipped to my country. My total budget is around 1000€ for the GPU and the monitor, so GTX 1070 (500€/554$ here) + cheaper monitor is another option, but keep in mind I dont even play a lot of demanding games and even if I did I wouldnt mind lowering down the details.

Hope you can help me, thanks for reading my post ;D

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Spain, where old hardware has a high price and new hardware is out of reach. A 1080 is like 800€, so I got to think a lot before buying a 600€ monitor

get a RX 480

there is a 1440p, but its EXPENSIVE

Well, RX 480 + G-sync is pretty pointless, I guess. But I agree with the "get a RX 480" statement.

I have the Viewsonic XG2401 wich is freesync 144Hz 1080p.
But it is TN and while I would say it isn't horrible (I also know how a good IPS panel can look), the typical TN gradient is still there.

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Actually there is... THIS is the IPS 1440p 144Hz...


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I was just about to post that. Literally took me one google search with the G-sync model name + freesync.

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No need...
This site get's updated regularly. It is really really nice for this purpose...

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I killed that desire... I rather have Freesync...
I'm getting this thing... Only 24"... 20Euro/25$ for an extra inch...

1440p ultrawide 144Hz is pretty high spec on the displayport, isn't it?

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I was talking about a Freesync monitor, the MG279Q, is it not the P version, which has G-Sync, but the M version, which has Freesync and costs 600 instead or 800. I dont know if it is worth it, but I really need an IPS panel for graphic design, unless TNs have improved incredibly in the last few years

I am willing to pay that money for a 27" 1440p 144hz Freesync IPS monitor if the RX 480 is able to run games on medium at a great framerate, the question is if it is really worth it to spend 600 on a monitor instead of getting a 1440p IPS 60hz one

Well, I did consider that Acer, but I compared it with the ASUS MG279Q and it is pretty equal to it, while both round the 600€ price tag

Personally, I have no desire on getting an ultrawide, as you say, I would prefer to experience Freesync on 1440p, as I havent even tried 1080p before in a monitor, just on TVs, which look awful (low ppi's)

Not available on my country and shows a price of 290€, too high for a 1080p TN, wouldnt get a 1440p IPS be better? Even @60hz..

Well, you asked for IPS, 1440 or 1080, freesync and 144Hz. The Viewsonic has a few of these qualities and is 300,- Euro. Anything 1440 with high refresh rate is 500, with freesync up to 600. What is "better" is up to you. If you don't want to pay for 144Hz or freesync, than maybe it isn't a priority for you. And that is totally fine. Just realize that every feature will cost you money.

Dell has the U2515H, 1440p, IPS with great color for a little over 300,- Euro. But no freesync and 60Hz.
Maybe start with that, it will probably already be faster than your current display.