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but then you get tearing anyway right?

You may want to go for 32" 1440p. That way the second 24" 1080p will be about the same pixel size and pixel density and the transitions from one screen to another will be super smooth.

Also as someone who uses freesync - it’s kinda cool tech.

I didn’t see that in WoW running through lutris but it’s running at crazy fps anyway so … not sure. Also can’t test that right now since my 3900X rig is about to become a mac.

What about this?

The only thing that bugs me is it’s $200 of right now which is awesome, but later on when I go to buy a matching one, it probably won’t be.

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I meant tearing on other displays… I would think the game should be fine.

I suppose it would be a niche scenario but im easily triggered :wink:

Well, since there currently wouldn’t be a secondary screen… :wink:
Also, if I’m playing the game, I don’t care how badly some youtube video is tearing on the screen I’m not looking at.

Meh, for video and photo editing a 4k 32" is fantastic. For games 27" is plenty and 1440p is the perfect resolution for that. If @aLilBabyOtter gets some 1080p displays on the side later on, he can just go for 21-22" to keep pixel pitch somewhat close.

Looks good to me boss.

If you are ok with TN…
Also G-Sync instead of Freesync. (Regardless if currently usable or not, that limits you.)

Ah WTF. I didn’t even notice. I assumed for $600 it would be IPS.

Mostly it only bothers me because it’s not matching. But in terms of functionality, I don’t see an issue for my needs. Freesync isn’t properly supported in Linux anyways.

Freesync support is open to everyone and will get better over time.

G-sync was created to lock people into an ecosystem and it has done that for a couple years quite successfully. But at this point it’s just a bad buy.

G-sync tax. :wink:

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Ya that’s one of the main reasons I went with AMD this time. That, and open source drivers in Linux.

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