New Monitor is it worth it?

Hi guys. i thinking of purchasing a new Monitor have been for awhile now but skepticle as whether it is viable or not I am currently using a Panasonic TX-32LX700A 32'' LCD TV which is prob just over 6 years old , which seems fine but I am relatively new well just come back to PC gaming after a long break prob bout 10 or more years so I am bit out of touch with quality and still getting used to ultra graphics and 60 plus frames damn consoles .

but back to the monitors I am looking at the Korean monitors specifically the X-Star.I really like balance i like the fact that you can OC them to 112hz and still have really nice colors and higher resolution than what i have currently . is this monitor going to blow my old TV away or is just not worth me buying it. I play mostly fps so a higher refresh rate would be nice but don't want to sacrifice quality.


Any Input would be appreciated.

Regards Mike

The resolution alone will blow your socks. Since your tv is 1366 x 768, yeah things will be much nicer with a x-star monitor.

Yeah definitely worth getting a new monitor.

cheers guys sorry it's a bit late but was enjoying my new monitor way too much . yea it blue my old tv away by a mile i highly recommend these monitors managed to get it to 96hz which is lovely tried 122 and 120 hz but failed if i get time i may try a high quality cable .thanks again and will back.