New monitor.. Exploring the options

Here's a brief overview of my current system FYI:

  • 32in 1080p LG TV as monitor
  • 4690k @ 4.5ghz
  • GTX 980
  • 16gb RAM
  • SLI Capable Motherboard

Anyway I've been strongly considering the A399U the @Logan and @wendell really like but I'm not sure I'll have enough GPU to drive games on it. I play a mix of indie and AAA(current and older) games so I want to be able to run anything I throw at it. Running at max settings/native resolution isn't a huge issue to me, but I'm wondering how much I'll have to turn things down to drive 4k with a 980. Has anyone else used a similar setup? Eventually I'll probably end up adding a second 980 for SLI but that isn't in the budget for now.

Or would I be better off getting one of the Korean 1440p monitors with a couple of 1080p side screens? I might even consider a 1440p G-Sync panel if I don't go with the A399U; they're around the same price. I'm just wanting to make sure that if I get the A399U I'll be able to get a good(60+fps at medium-high detail settings) gaming experience.

I don't really know what the benefits of a 4k screen are. Like I know it's a higher pixel density and images are more crisp but I don't have any personal experience. I can say that 1440p monitors are really nice. If I were you, I would get the 4k monitor and just play games at 1080 or 1440 on the 4k monitor. Then in the future when you upgrade your graphics card - or buy another - you can play the more graphically demanding games at 4k as well.

That's kinda what I was thinking. I'm definitely interested in the extra screen real estate of the 40in 4k panel for productivity.

I would go for the 4K screen. The 980 is a very beefy card and should be able to run some games at that resolution, and as mentioned earlier, if the game you're playing won't run well at that resolution, then just turn it down to 1440p.

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I'd upscale from 1080p on a 4K panel actually, then it's a perfect 2x2 pixels square per pixel of the 1080p resolution your card's running at. It'll probably look a bit sharper than at 1440p where you'll have 1.5x1.5 pixels square per pixel of the 1440p resolution your card'll be running at on the 4K panel, making it have to do some weird blurring between each of those pixels from the 1440p resolution to fill in the gaps.


You will love it...............immersion vs panoramic; gaming, that is really a no-brainer .(IMO) :-)
the upscaling from 1080p is so good that, you will end-up running most of the time at 1080p and occasionally at 4k. (that is considering that some games do not perform well in 4k, but fantastic in 1080p).
But then again at 4k crysis is amazing, left 4dead 2 is gorgeous...
Most of these writing, if not all are all originating on riggs with 4k s running 1080p. (at 4k icons are small for everyday use. (IMO). and I have absolutely no problem reading. one rigg is connected display-port 1.2 on A399U and an HDMI 1.3 (4k 30Hz) on a 15 feet connector on the crossover 404K. AND IT IS BLOODY SHARP ON BOTH.
60Hz = 60FPS v sync they both give but not over.

Thanks guys; you've convinced me to go 4k. It's good to hear that 1080p scales well on it. I know my 980 runs everything I play great at that resolution and I imagine some of the older games I play will run fine at 4k if they scale properly. I'm already using DSR on some older titles and that looks great, though some game's UI's don't scale well at that res.

wise decision.
AND have fun..............I am (LOL) I am sure you will like.

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