New Monitor? 1440p worth the extra $ over 1080p

Never played 1440p before? Is it worth the extra money? For the same $, I could get a 144 hz 1080p screen for a touch less.

So, 1440p or 1080p with 144z?

What games do you play? If you play lots of competitive shooters then 144hz all the way. But that being said 1440p is a great leap in visuals over 1080p

tl:dr the difference between a 1080p 144hz and a 1440p 144hz monitor is the 144hz monitor has more pixels per square inch.

I play a lot of RPGs (witcher 3, fallout 4, skyrim, etc.) Also a lot of total war

Depends if you're the ones that upgrade every 1-2 years or the one that upgrade every 3-5 or so. To me 1440p is a gimmick almost a step back to 4k gaming which we shoulda been on. 4K @ 120hz, unless you like programs that like retail space like photoshop, premiere and sound editing I'd say just wait 2-3 years if you have 1080p 144hz monitor. Pretty sure the same people who bought 1440p will jump with there's affordable 4k @ 60/120hz or the afforable oled 4K screens etc... Or if the increase the pixels to 1600p or 1687p etc...

Then I would say 1440p is the way to go for you. Great for desk realastate and games look a lot sharper.

1440p... It's not even a competition.
Skyrim on high res large monitor - j*zz in pants fantastic...

Operating on the same logic, 1080p is a gimmick of 1440p...
Modern high end GPUs struggle to run some modern titles on 1080p still, and you are being silly. 4k are just 4x1080p. It's not that simple to push 4 times more pixels.

1440p is worth it. 1440p + 144hz is worth it even moreso.

I have a BenQ 144hz 1440p freesync monitor as my main monitor and it is awesome.

I would say its worth it

err no 1080p came out before 1440p. Also if you were an PC elitest back when we had CRTs. You would know we were at 1600x1200 or 2560x1600 res. So most of us sacrificed higher res. for industory standard 1080p. I believe 4k screens came out next, then 1440p. So yea theya re a STEP BACK no way around it BRO.

1440p is kind of a weird one... It's basically just quad 720p. I like the idea of 1440p, because it is slightly larger than 1080, and smaller than 4k, so it is basically the golden middle ground...
As for the CRTs - i am still rocking ViewSonic P95f - 2560x19** something ridiculous at 75Hz... 1600x1200 i used to run at 85Hz. It's really old machine and it still works flawlessly... Eats 140W like nobody's business, but what the hell... I am AMD fanboy, i don't care for the power bill...
My point with the earlier statement was, that 1440p is way easier to power than 4k in terms of actual graphical power needed.