New mobo, or new CPU+Mobo - LGA 1633 died


My really old computer has been upgraded over time, but CPU and Mobo stayed the same. i7 920 on an Asus P6t (LGA 1366 x58). Unfortunately this Motherboard died.

Right now the prices for lga 1633 seem a bit steep... My question is if you guys think I should upgrade mobo and CPU, or go for 200€ on a motherboard only (given that these motherboards are now only available in used conditions).

In case of a platform upgrade, do you have any suggestions to stay on a similar budget? Computer is for light gaming and 3D rendering... no advanced features needed.


for 200euro you can barely get an i5 with a H chipset motherboard...
I don't think it's worth upgrading for that price. The 8 threads of the i7 will definitely help you in the rendering tasks. And when Vulkan and DX12 become mainstream in an year or two, there will be no point in using quad cores as well... My point is, either just find second hand 1366 mobo and save some cash for full upgrade, or sell the 920 and add some extra cash for the full upgrade.

Adding a second question to this dillema:

In case of mobo upgrade only, which ones qualify? Should I look for any "lga 1633"? any "x58"?
I've seen some "socket B" and stuff, not really sure if it's all the same, if the CPU will fit.

The only desktop chipset for LGA 1366 is x58. I'd look for those rather than server boards. It's basically all you're going to get.

LGA 1633 isn't a thing. It's 1366, 2011, 2011-3 for the workstation sockets.