New mobile website

so here i am... on my ps vita typing this topic.

now you might say oke? so? what is the deal?

wel! the new mobile website from rtw rocks!! i love it

what do you guys think?

 psvita browser

ps vita

ps vita

greets and thankyou teksyndicate

Really?  That's interesting because I'm using Opera on the Cyanogenmod 10.2, the new website is pretty much completely unusable...  D:

YES!!!!!!!!! Thank you, the site works on internet exploder moblie for Windows 8X

Its awesome

oke weird, report that to the crew,
i will add some pictures :D 

Ah, the pictures helped.  Didn't notice the menu button before, so now I can actually view most of the site.  I would have replied sooner but it's just not possible to use the text boxes on Opera  :/

haha no problem but report the problem

This is amazing; it's actually viable to view teksyndicate on mobile. I love the forced https encryption as well.

safety ehhy?