New mini-itx build


I am building a gaming rig for my friend. He didn't know if these parts are good so he asked some help from me. His price range is about 650-700 €. I made a list but I don't know what cooler to take for such small form factor case.He wants to do a bit of overclocking.

Parts are :

Cpu: Intel i5 3570k

Motherboard: Gigabyte 1155  GA-Z77N-WIFI

Ram:Kingston HyperX Genesis

Gpu:Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660

Case:Bitfenix Prodigy

Psu:Seasonic M12II

Also I am open for completly other type of builds,such as AMD builds or AMD gpu instead of Nvidias one.But case must be the same because he really likes it.White version looks like Mac Pro.

I would chose a 7870 istead of the 660. Its alot faster for the same price. 

hey hey the build looks cool but i would change one thing:

i read your friend wants to go into overclocking? Then you need a diffrent motherboard, that gigabyte board is not a great overclocker. if you want a realy good overclocking mini-itx board the i can highly recommend the Asus P8Z77-i deluxe, this board is mini-itx but it has a full sized Vreg! very important.

Further indeed a 7870XT is a better performing card.

Grtz Angel ☺

Well if I would change motherboard the I would go over the budget. But i spoke to him and he told that he won't do some serious overclocking. But maybe ASRock z77e-itx. Also he thought that he would like the cpu to be cooled with water.So I was thinking Corsair H60 since its with a great discount right now in my country.

ye the corsair H60 seems fine, ofc not the best one to get a H100i or H80 would be better, but for a lower budget it would be fine, also maybe a coolermaster saidom 120Xl a thing to look at.

Grtz Angel ☺

Well I am going to take ASRock Z77E-ITX because theres a huge discount in my country right now.But he thought that going with Corsair H60. I'll think this will be my list then.