New Minecraft Server, Looking For a Community

I've somehow recently gotten back into minecraft, and decided to pick up a domain name, and throw up a vm for minecraft on my Dell Poweredge 2950 that has been itching to make itself useful. It would be awesome to have some players on, and I figured that the Tek Syndicate community would be a good, and relatively tame place to look.

Server Ip:


I spent this evening making sure that all of the permissions and plugins were set up correctly, but I'm sure there will be some trial and error. The list of plugins could change in the future as well.

Users start in the "default" or "Noob" group, and will get moved up when they have proven themselves. New players will have build rights, and can make protected plots, but won't have access to any warp commands (/spawn, /home. etc.) or anything else until they have reached the "Trusted" group.

Gimcrack website coming soon. I will try to throw something up within the next few days.

As for voip, I can make a discord, or throw any of the popular voip servers up, it just depends on what people want to use.

I hope to see some people on at some point, maybe we can have spawn be more than just a billboard.

Hi, I thought there was a TEK server for vanilla? Or is the new kid on the block looking for a scrap? Fight fight fight! /S

OP, we already have a Minecraft Server. Looking for recruits is ok; promotion is a no-no.

There already is a tek server? I checked the other day,and couldn't find it. Could someone link it? The promotion system is just for anti grief, not for prestige or anything. I just wanted to explain how it worked.

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{link removed, see CynicRF's posts below} and it does say unofficial, so no biggie. As for my earlier jest; I'm also new to the forum, so hope you took the sacastic comment in good faith?


I'll spend 10 hours on it when I get home. Maybe. I am interested in getting back into that game. Maybe I'll finish something I start building this time.

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You're totally fine trooperish. I took it well :)

LOL two minecraft servers could be quite useful if they both work together .. ever hear of bundgee cord?

Just a thought.. i dont have the time right now but for future ideas its a sound one...

I run one mainly because there was a lack thereof for a long time. I will warn you promoting websites can generally be mistaken. Its best just to promote the individual sever lol

Feel free to look at mine as well. Sharing users might be the only way to keep people entertained as ive seen people take humongous breaks from minecraft. LOL

The reason you cannot find it is that you posted yours in the wrong spot and need to attain the rank of member to have it placed in the servers spot and be able to see the post

@MisteryAngel @Destroyed007 any particular movement on the case to make it fully public?

We have not made up our mind on that. We might have to talk to the higher-up guys about this. And if we were to run our official one we would expect someone to administrate the server for most of the time.

I wasnt talking about officialness.. i was speaking to the category locking to level 2's and up but I can see the merit in the argument there. Hmm my console is setup with RCON.. which means anyone appointed to admin on the server can remotely administrate as if they were actually there. Currently that person is @Zibob which he has kindly taken care of it in my absence

Which can be dangerous so the port and method of doing so is only given to admins lol

Ah. We had it lock down at that time due to problems with "new" users or so on the server. You know, griefers. I'm not sure though whether if I could trust a user if I grant them access, that's the only problem. @MisteryAngel, halp!

LOL let us not.. ever bring that up again lol.. Uhmm though i think my server has protections against griefers.. base perms with zero nothing.... they have to be vetted.. fairly against guidelines.. saves headaches

I see that the purpose of making the thread visible to level 2 and above users is to avoid random public users joining in and do stupid shit, as the IP addresses are visible, but I still can't see the sense in that theory. :\

I have a good amount of DDOS and DOS protection from my ISP... in fact they have a strict policy for it. If they see a single port scan its immediately reported.. so ill let that be thrown out there to anyone who wants to try if the section is made public. I see the merit as well. Its just more of an "inconvenience to some" who invite others that are not part of teksyndicate.. which up to this point has been fully permitted as long as they are deemed trustworthy

That could be the reason why we made the decision to make the thread visible to level 2 and above users.

Speaking of which can you PM me a bunch of the important commands.

Fair enough. But that is also why i kept my server unofficial as from what I have seen people do enjoy inviting non affliated friends which by my rather optimistic reckoning would promote people to come chill with their friends on TS... just a thought

And as an admin you would have no idea whether you could trust that person or not, even if you have the barriers up from your server going into oblivion.

Thats a fair argument and a calculated risk. Its why i did not place the server out on like minecraft servers dot com.. LOL.. I trusted my trustworthy players up until this point to have a sense and a say in whether someone could be trusted and invited. If they create a ruccuss i told them to deal with it silently and fairly. which i guess is a different school of thought on moderation.. since there are many lol

shall we continue this elsewhere.. I feel bad for the OP even though it is quite relevant

Hi! I am new to this site. I was just curious to know if you could please tell how does one access the link you posted. When I click on it it says that I don't have access to that topic. Thank you.