New Mikrotik 2.5G Switch - CRS310-8G+2S+IN

My gut rumbles when I’m seeing this, maybe just an irrational, emotional response?

I’m a huge fan about keeping my devices’ power supplies clean and that thing reminds me of the pee stench in New York city on a hot summer’s day.

Well, it is half the size of your thumbnail and contains 12 transformers. Does what it needs to.

Meh, I think I’ve encountered the first bug with my two units of the CRS310-8G+2S+IN, running RouterOS 7.11.2, default configuration:

  • An Intel X550-T2 with Intel’s latest firmware and drivers installed can only connect to the switches with 1.0 GbE.

  • The different cables used for the tests are “CAT8.1” and work fine with 10 GbE (don’t have RJ-45 40 GbE equipment).

  • No difference which of the two X550-T2’s ports is used or which of the switches’ ports, so a random hardware defect seems unlikely.

  • Manually forcing the X550-T2 to use 2.5 GbE leads to an immediate cycle of connection loss, reestablishing connection, connection loss…

  • Other devices can connect fine to either the X550-T2 or the CRS310-8G+2S+IN switches with 2.5 GbE.


I’ve seen issues in the past with MikroTik switches and Intel NICs. Open a support ticket (here)with MikroTik and describe the issue, they’ll fix.
I saw something like that back when they launched the CSS610, I think that was with Intel X550(sfp+ variant)

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