New mid range GPU for gaming/Maya

Hi guys, I'm looking to maybe get a new GPU fairly soon for gaming and Autodesk Maya. I'm looking at Nvidia because as I understand it, they have much better compatibility with Maya than AMD and my 460 hasn't had issues up to this point either. Currently considering a 660ti or 760 for 1200p resolution.

Got some questions though. Would a newer gpu really help my Maya? From experience and from a tutor I used to have at a Maya course, Maya's engine isn't that great when it comes to simulations/rigid bodies. He said that it has real problems when going above 12 objects; and that's even with simple low poly objects. In other words, would a fancy new card be bottlenecked by Maya anyway?

I have no interest in quadro because of price and that I am doing no professional work (other than practising for work in a real studio) and neither am I doing work that needs quadro double precision and all that jazz i.e for engineering. 

I'm generally looking to get faster real time playback in Maya for rigid body simulations and fluids. I'm possibly being limited by my Athlon 640 also. Many thanks for reading and all input is appreciated!

Out of those two i'd go for the 760. But the 760 will be bottle necked more by your proccesor more than maya if anything.

if you watch alot of the videos about GPU's the HD 7870 is a great card and around £190, and beats the 660ti in alot of benchmarkings. but out of the 2 your suggested i would go for the 760

I was considering the 7870 a while ago actually, but like I say - I need a card that's 100% compatible with Autodesk and I've seen numerous comments about problems using an AMD card. It's a shame because that means I won't be able to use a HD9000 either...

Any comments about any effect on Maya?