New microphone

Well my gaming headset recently died and the only reason i even kept it was for the mic soo anyone have any suggestions on good stand-alone microphones and maybe something to clip it to a desk?

Depends on your budget. You could get a modmic, but if you want a standalone, get the audio-technica AT2020 with USB. It's about as good as it'll get for the price. It comes with a little stand, but you could always get you own arm/stand for it. 

whats a good price for the AT2020? around 100$ or should i wait for like a sale and grab it at 80$ or should i just get one off ebay? Thanks for answering before though~



there is a bunch of 'em on ebay for around 50-75 so i think ill just get it there and clean it up.

I use a RODE NT USB and it sounds fantastic, use it for voice chat as well as recording vocals and instruments :) Great mic but is a touch pricier

I got mine about 2 years ago for 100. That's the average price, so any lower is good. 

Thanks for all the feedback guys.