New mic interference

I have a pair of beyerdynamic DT 770s and recently got a mew mic to be able to speak on games, CS mainly, this one . Although the quality of my voice sounds great, it has this crazy interference constantly. Heres a sample.
It is plugged directly into my PC via a 3.5mm cable thaty it came with, any help is much appreciated

Could be a crappy onboard audio solution maybe.
Which motherboard do you have?

Also i deleted your other post on your request.

Its a gigabyte 970-a ds3, I have a fiio A3 that my headphones are connected too but there isnt a mic port on it

Yeah that Gigabyte GA970A-ds3 has probably not realy the greatest onboard audio.
Big chance that you just have a bad mic port, or bad onboard audio solution in general.

Do you have them pluged in directly to the motherboard?
Or did you use front case ports?

Yeah its a pretty basic board, is there some sort of cheap(ish) external solution that would solve that?

The mic and amp are both plugged directly into the motherboard yes

Maybe you could try the fron case ports if your case has those, and that you have those connected to the internal frontpanel audio header.
But most of the time case audio ports are even worse.

They dont actually work anymore thats why they are in the back, they just stopped working one day

Your best solution might be a usb audio solution.

Hmm thats annoying as I literally just bought this one, any recommendations, ideally around the £20 mark?

Or you could try to test the mic you boaght on a diffrent computer or device.
Just to exclude, that it might be just something with the mic itself or its cable.

Otherwise yeah probably a USB mic might solve your issue hopefully.

Wenn other people join in, they might also shine their lights on your issue.
They might have some decent recommendations aswell.

Decent sound, hasn't failed me like any of the cheaper USB interfaces.

Thanks for this, il try and find out if that is 100% the problem and if it is then il give this a go

Focusrite Scarlett Solo or 2i2, using 2i4 myself because I wanted to get rca for speakers.

I spotted that Joker is also using solo which he has forgotten to list in the description.

But in any case, 2i4 leveled up my Audioengine A2+ & Logitech Z4's subwoofer to have this punch in the bass, and punk havent ever sounded this good for me.. :D

Also another benefit from Scarlett is that they have some own asio thingy, and I dont have to use asio4all anymore, which is extremely convenient as its always on and I can just launch Ableton without any audio hassle.