New Merch Ideas

I would really like if there where a Tek Syndicate pillow case. Would anyone else be interested in that?

why stop there, how about TS underwear... Tooth brushes... how about TS condoms lol

You mean like a dakimakura? Imagine, a Logan/Qain/Wendell/Pistol body pillow to keep you comfortable at night.

you forgot the ladies lingerie for those with the special fetishes

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How about a tek syndicate linux based car lol

Too hipster.. Tek Syndicate PC Master race car is better

yeah ture

and definitley no arch linux merchandise but we can have raze the world eats cortana mug lol

Tek syndicate comforter, tek syndicate desk lamp, tek syndicate up desk

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1) TS labeled Tennessee whiskey
2) TS logo on RPG launchers
3) TS logo Vacuum cleaner bags.
4) TS logo power tools
5) TS label mid evil siege weapons.
6) TS logo 15" Pro Audio Subwoofers (preference towards Eminence)
7) TS logo tactical knives
8) TS logo Emergency medial equipment.
9) TS flavored tacos
10) TS logo laser etched ammo mags
11) TS Ash tray
12) TS Christmas trees
13) TS logo Parka
14) TS logo TS logo
15) TS logo coffee pot
16) TS logo unicycles
17) TS logo Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier
18) TS logo CNC machine
19) TS logo chocolate jello
20) TS logo selfie sticks

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that must have taken you a while

you forgot tek syndicate crock pots

If Tek Syndicate ever gets a drink branded for them it had better be called Tektonik. Just putting that out there.

Tektonic works too, as does Tek Tonik


I dont know....Tek-quila would be awesome too


Ooh, a whole line of liquid fun.

Tekquila -Tequila
Tek Gindicate -Gin
Tektonic -Something
et cetera


haha you guys are awesome, I was expecting people to be pissy about joking about the merch..

yes tek-quila

I'd buy a comforter with wendell's face.

the logans face from the kek 2 wit the make up on a body pillow would be the creepiest most wonderful thing i ever seen.

also tek logo stickers (think the ones that come with your pc parts to put on the case)
tek logo metal stencil so it can be easily spray painted on to things like cars, pc parts, ect...