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Hey guys im new here, im looking for some guidance and direction

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How may we guide you my son


where do I go to find some help with coding on this website particularly python, and how do I delete post/hide them, also is there a guide for the forum ?

Sure so there is a little trash bin by the reply button that will delete your post.

Here's a link to the coding section (I also recommend for some really great programming tutorials.)

lastly, when you first enter the forum on the top left is the category list for all sections of the forum

thanks mate!

Enjoy your time here .

Welcome! As many of our senior members know I am the head around these parts (hee hee get it?) and all must obey to my lead /s

All joking aside, welcome, the people here are all well respectable people, very trustworthy and inelegant. Just follow Da Rules and make valid arguments and you'll fit in just fine. Also remember its not a race its working together to be sure that we all make it across the finish line (speaking of course about making posts, there's no need to bully or harass others about who's right or wrong, that sort of thing)

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum!

Welcome! Don't be afraid to get dug into discussion or ask questions (no matter how noobish you think they may sound, literally everyone here will try and give some serious suggestions)

However, I warn ye, stay away from the Lounge. 'Tis a forsaken place where only demons dwell.....

Hey cool welcome to the community.
If you have any questions just ask.

well, it's like linux, you learn through experiencing and help from the more experienced. But you delete post with a trash can icon when you post it. Also check out the lounge, go in there from time to time, it fun in there.

like me, the devil is omega.

hello and welcome, please take a left. follow your dreams, take the yellow brick road, dont stop for hitchikers, always wear clean underwear.

Hello there!!!! :O) Welcome, welcome!!!